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Rust Art

Welcome to my world of Rustic Metal Art, Screens and Furniture.

Photo Gallery

Screens Screens Puzzle Screen $995 Modern puzzle screen made with rusted raw steel surrounded by a jarrah frame. This feature screen would suit a modern garden and can be custom made to suit your ideas. Frame can be changed to a steel frame instead of jarrah. Size is 2m high and 980mm wide and 100mm depth. With legs to concrete in ground. See through screen. Can be backlit for effect. 185462050 Large Farm Screen $2450 Large chunky jarrah frame with Rusted raw steel farm scene depicting old farm house, bare tree and broken fence. Mountain range in the distance and corrugated iron skyline. Size is 1980mm high and 1750mm wide and approx 100mm depth. Solid construction with legs to concrete in ground. Stand alone structure would look great in any traditional garden as a feature or screen. 185462051 Letterbox Rural Screen $1490 with Jarrah Posts. Looking for a different entrance to your home. This rusted metal and jarrah screen can include your address and a key locked letterbox. This unique mailbox will impress all your neighbours. Practical and Beautiful. Design can vary from Rural to Modern Designs. Example shown is 1600mm high and 1350mm wide. Posts can be Jarrah or Rusted raw steel. Screen can be backlit with solar lights to enhance viewing at night. 185462052 Farm Screen with Leadlight Moon $1290 This beautiful farm scene has been plasma cut by hand, using raw steel and stained glass to create a very special screen for your garden. Raw steel has rusted and will remain the same for a very long time. This screen would look great in front of a boring fence or wall. Also can be backlit with solar lights. Screen has steel posts which would be concreted in the ground. Size of screen is 1980mm high and 950mm wide and 100mm depth. 185462053 Tree Silhouette and Glass Moon Screen $1290 Rusted Raw Steel Garden Screen with White Stain Glassed Moon and Red and Orange Sky. Steel Frame Aproximately 1.8 metres high and 800mm wide and a depth of 100mm. Would be a highlight in any garden especially if backlit with a solar light. Durable and Maintenance free. 185565551 Leadlight Screen $1890 Beautiful Stained Glass background with a rusted raw steel tree silhouette in front. Surrounded by a Jarrah frame. Would look beautiful in any garden to add colour and style. Can be backlit with solar lights to enchance colour at night. Size is approximate 1980mm high and 950mm wide and depth of 100mm 185565691 Staircase to the Moon $1650 Stainless Steel panels attached to a steel post. Stained Glass Moon. Frame of Moon and Stand painted black. Stand approximately 2 metres high and is free standing. Can be backlit with solar lights. 194128343 Butterfly and Flower Garden Screen $1320.00 This plasma cut screen is cut out of 3mm corten steel. Standing approximately 1.4 metres high and 1.1 metres wide. Farmed with weathered jarrah and backed with corrugated iron. Stainless steel Butterfly on jarrah frame. Backlit with 240 v LED lights this screen would be a feature in any garden or entry. Its hard to say if it looks better at night or day. 194128275 Butterfly and Flower Garden Screen Night view of previous screen. 194128291